The EgoVerse
🎭 Welcome to The EgoVerse.
The EgoVerse is an umbrella project deployed on the Avalanche blockchain that contains a multitude of sub-projects. The EgoVerse was conceptualized during the pandemic and has been structured through immense amounts of research. The events that transpired during the pandemic demonstrated how reliant we are on conglomerate companies vs ourselves .
Our mission is to shed light on the importance of self sustainable farming practices, as well as demonstrating while educating step by step on our Youtube channel how you can DIY. The initial and continuous focus of The EgoVerse is aimed towards IRL projects, such as the businesses we will start, indie gaming studio and the land we are purchasing in the Central Florida area for the self-sustaining farm and our HQ.
The EgoVerse core team has years of farming experience and with this experience we will start farming on the land. With this farm, we will facilitate food drives for the local homeless in Florida. In the future, we are eager to expand to other states, perhaps even internationally, through our connections within The EgoVerse.
Now, here's where the fun begins!
Once the Alter Ego Punks have been minted out, we will airdrop 300 $Prey to every Alter Ego Punk holder and they will earn $PREY while staking their punks which will allow them to breed for a Alter Ego Lycan + Alter Ego Hunter by owning 2 Alter Ego Punks + 600 $PREY. Next, we will launch our Gen 1 collection, the Alter Ego Lycans! Finally, we will release the Alter Ego Hunters to the public.
We started developing Blood Moon (P2E, PVP, PVE), which is our RPG game in March. We are bringing back the excitement of gaming through The EgoVerse. Join us on this quest to make history on the Avalanche blockchain!
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