Alter Ego Lycans

Supply: 2,000


  • Common (1,132)

  • Uncommon (400)

  • Rare (200)

  • Legendary (160)

  • Mythic (68)

  • Godlike (40)


  • Staking: Stake your Lycans to earn $PREY (emission rates as per the below section) and accumulate $PREY

  • New gamified staking will be implemented in the future

  • 3D Playable Character Access: Holding an Alter Ego Lycan permits you access to the Alter Ego Lycan in-game playable characters in all of our game offerings

  • Tournaments: Regular NFT holder EgoVersus: The First Strike and Brawlers tournaments are held, with great prizes for participants ranging from tokens, NFTs, merch and much more.

  • W3rks Referral Program: The EgoVerse NFT holders will earn a percentage of the fees through referring users to the W3rks DEX aggregator via affiliate links.

  • W3rks Rebate Program: For each Alter Ego Lycan held, users are entitled to a rebate (on completed contracts) of 0.5% per Lycan. This rebate increases up to the maximum of 2% if 4 Alter Ego Lycans are held. This unique feature incentivizes users to participate in The EgoVerse ecosystem while enjoying rebates from completed contracts

Daily Emission Rates:

2 $Prey

Secondary Market:



This collection is minted out.

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