In 2023, The EgoVerse embarked upon a new gamified mint project called “Species” - a game designed and launched unlike anything previously released in web3. The team branched onto a different blockchain, moving away from Avalanche and instead breaking into Solana, a new ecosystem for The EgoVerse. The collection was very well received and in June 2023 the entire 5,000 NFT collection was sold out.

The original Species Whitepaper can be found here


5,000 (Max)




  • Staking: Stake your Species here to earn $UFO + $RJCTD (emission rates as per the below section) and accumulate $UFO + $RJCTD (our partners RJCTD Clubhouse's token). $UFO can be used in our Token Games platform (click here) which is another utility for holders of Species NFTs, even after the gamified mint is over.

  • 3D Playable Character Access: Holding a Species permits you access to the Species in-game playable characters in EgoVersus: The First Strike first person shooter. Please be aware, that there are 20 genomes and therefore 20 different in-game characters to be able to play within the game - and you need to hold the correct Species to be able to play as that genome

  • W3rks Referral Program

  • W3rks Rebate Program: For each Specie held, users are entitled to a rebate (on completed contracts) of 0.5% per Specie. This rebate increases up to the maximum of 2% if 4 Alter Ego Specie are held. This unique feature incentivizes users to participate in The EgoVerse ecosystem while enjoying rebates from completed contracts

  • Tournaments: Regular EgoVersus: The First Strike tournaments are held within the community, with great prizes for participants ranging from tokens, NFTs, merch and much more.

Daily Emission Rates:

2 $UFO

Secondary Market:

Magic Eden

This collection is minted out.

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