• Art Conception & Creation : Original design of the Alter Ego Punks and creation of our 1,000 item genesis collection

  • Alter Ego Punk Mint (Genesis Collections) : Our Genesis collection commenced mint in December of 2021.

  • Deploy Website : The initial public release of

  • Deploy Whitepaper : Version 1 released of this document, providing our community with clear guidance on our plans for the future of The EgoVerse

  • Deploy Smart Contracts : Smart Contracts for the support of $PREY in The EgoVerse ecosystem were created and deployed to allow the release of Alter Ego Punk staking in the near future

  • Build Community : Held countless community events, giveaways, spaces, ama’s and other marketing approaches to grow and develop our community

  • Airdrop $PREY to Holders : Holders of our genesis collection were awarded with an initial airdrop of $PREY before anyone else and prior to staking being available

  • Deploy Yobi : The EgoVerse Yobi Samurai and Yobi Ninja collections were released, adding a new level of lore into our ecosystem

  • Deploy The EgoVerse LLC : The EgoVerse became a fully fledged trading company in the US State of Florida

  • Deploy Alpha Version of EgoVersus: The First Strike (FPS Game) : The very first version of our first person shooter was made available to our community in our Discord server - allowing early access to provide feedback and to join in on a number of tournaments including collaborations with other project’s communities and some amazing prizes

  • Deploy Staking (AEP) : Staking of our genesis collection, the Alter Ego Punks, was released, allowing for the accrual of $PREY for future utility

  • Deploy Awakening Process (AEL) : One of the first uses of $PREY was for the “Awakening” (originally called breeding until we decided that Awakening sounded far more appropriate!) of Alter Ego Lycans - exclusive to our OG supporters holding two or more Alter Ego Punks

  • Deliver Yobi Comic Book to holders : Holders of either of our Yobi collections were able to access the Yobi Comic book, exclusively through The EgoVerse website

  • Deploy Alter Ego Lycans : With the awakening process launched, the Alter Ego Lycans were deployed onto Avalanche!

  • Deploy Alter Ego Hunters : Accompanying the Lycan launch, the Alter Ego Hunters (initial collection) was released, allowing people to mint a Hunter and join The EgoVerse community if they didn’t already own a Punk or a Yobi

  • Deploy Coin Flip (Avalanche) : Another use of $PREY was on our Coin Flip game, available directly from our website

  • Deploy Species : Broadening our reach, and embarking on a new venture into a new blockchain, Solana, we launched our Species Collection, 5,000 Alien NFTs with a gamified aspect never seen before in web3


  • Deploy EgoVersus: The First Strike - New Map (Mall) : The development and improvement of our flagship map in The First Strike, the Mall, providing the ability for partner projects to advertise their projects in our game by purchasing a ‘store’ in the mall

  • Deploy EgoVersus: The First Strike - New Map (Warehouse) : Our second map, the Warehouse was released

  • Deploy EgoVersus: The First Strike - New Map (Dojo) : Our third map, the Dojo was released

  • Airdropped Species to rugged communities : To support people in the Solana ecosystem rugged by other projects, we offered them the ability to burn their rugged NFTs in return for Species NFTs - to be able to return something from their previous investments. This was met with great success

  • Deploy Species Gamified App following 5,000 Collection Mint Out : The Species collection minted out in June 2023 and the Species Gamified App followed straight after, embarking on an eight week game with a prize pool of 330 $Sol

  • Deploy The Tavern : Another utility of $PREY, and an introduction into our plans for Blood Moon, a future MMORPG that The EgoVerse may develop in the future. The Tavern allows Alter Ego Punk holders the ability to try their luck in winning additional $PREY following a short but immersive story with the Alter Ego Hunters


  • Deploy Alter Ego Hunter & Lycan Art Upgrade : Following the success of the Species mint, our resident artist then embarked on a new art upgrade for the Alter Ego Hunters and Lycans, bringing them more in line with the quality and professionalism that we would expect from The EgoVerse. Holders of the original Hunters received free airdrops of the new artwork, and holders of the original Lycans could refresh the metadata of their original NFTs and instantly see their new NFTs

  • Develop, integrate in-game and give access to holders all Yobi, Alter Ego Punk, Alter Ego Lycan, Alter Ego Hunter & Specie 3D Models : Holding any collection listed above now allows you to play as this character in The First Strike

  • Airdrop $7,500 USD in prizes to Species Gamified Event winners : In August 2023, the Species gamified mint drew to a close, with 330 $SOL being paid out to the ten finalists of the competition

  • Deploy $UFO : Our Species Staking Token, $UFO was released

  • Airdrop $UFO to Species holders : Airdrops of $UFO were given to holders of Species in readiness for the staking release

  • Staking of Species for $UFO : Staking on the Rjctd Labs platform was released so that holders of Species could commence staking to earn daily $UFO

  • Deploy Token Games (Solana) : The EgoVerse Casino officially launched, with the first (of many) games being made available to the community, including Coin Flip and Dice. Initially launching on Solana, with future plans to expand support onto Avalanche, Polygon and Arbitrum

  • •Deploy AEH/AEL Staking

  • Deploy naming service AEP/AEH/AEL

  • Develop Species in Game playable characters

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