The EgoVerse White Paper

🪙 Egonomics

The Tokenomics of the Ego Verse
🎭Our native token will be $PREY. $Prey L1 will be an unlimited cap token produced solely by the staking of the Alter Ego Punks.
🎭Emission Rates: 🎭Humans = 10 $PREY per day. 🎭Zombies = 10.25 $PREY per day. 🎭Vampires = 10.5 $PREY per day.
🎭The token will be the main in-game currency for all games produced from The EgoVerse Studios.
🎭We'll be starting with EgoVersus: The First Strike; featuring private Alter Ego Punk betting pools.
🎭The Initial liquidity will come from a portion of the Alter Ego Hunter mint proceeds.
🎭Subsequent liquidity will be injected from IRL businesses at irregular intervals.
🎭This is done by purchasing $AVAX, then adding it to 50% of the total tokens burned via the burn 🎭mechanisms, increasing the amount of $AVAX in the Liquidity pools.

The Council will decide, by vote, when the liquidity injections will happen.

We are building a sustainable project with a long future ahead. To provide this future we will be tying our tokenomics to IRL businesses such as the hipcamp, The EgoVerse Merch Shop, Paintball Course, The EgoVerse Game Studio and AirBnB.