🎭 The content posted below this image is what we're currently working on and is subject to change as we create more games.
🎭 EgoVersus: The First Strike - Our game development journey began in March, 2021 with EgoVersus: The First Strike. This game is a free-to-play first person/third person shooter built in Unity. This game is not WebGL, meaning it will have to be downloaded like traditional games playable via steam.
Our objective was to display to the community that we could develop a game with a minimal amount of resources. We created this game to host fun immersive events on our discord server to win prizes provided by us. We provide numerous with additional utility by allowing holders of their NFTs access to our game. We are consistently making updates to EgoVersus and on our discord server is where you can get live updates from our team. Further guides to how you can gain access to our game can also be found on our discord server. (The images published below are subject to change as development progresses).
🎭 Blood Moon - Blood Moon is a MMO RPG game we're developing. This game has an influence from the movie series "Underworld" and will be on the scale of Diablo, WoW and your favorite MMO RPGs to date. The max players we're projecting to have access is 34,000 (Subjected to change in the future).
Original lore, quest, customize characters and placement items will be found in this game. Join our discord server or follow us on twitter to stay up to date with the progression of development.
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