• Our game development journey began in March of 2022 with the first version of EgoVersus: The First Strike. However, the beginning stages didn't meet our expectations and since then we've started to revamp our game in October of 2022. We've released the current alpha version in December of 2022. The First Strike is a free-to-play fast paced first person/third person shooter built in Unity. The alpha version is out now and playable. Simply by joining our discord server you can download our game and play.
The minimum and recommended sysmtem requirements to play EgoVersus: The First Strike is listed above.
• Blood Moon - Blood Moon is a MMO RPG game in development. This game has an influence from the movie series "Underworld" and will be on the scale of Diablo, WoW and your favorite MMO RPGs to date. The max players we're projecting to have access is 34,000 (Subjected to change in the future).
Original lore, quest, customize characters and placement items will be found in this game. Join our discord server or follow us on twitter to stay up to date with the progression of development.